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I work collaboratively with highly motivated individuals seeking support for:

Low confidence

Social media and technology use

Vulnerability and comparison traps

Body image concerns


Relationships concerns (Dating, breakups, wedding stress, etc.)

Major life transitions (moving, expat life, college to real world, motherhood, etc.)

Difficulties navigating career development and burnout

General anxiety and depression symptoms


Travel enthusiasts ready to discover the power of travel therapy



Let’s dig in.

  • Consultation Options:

    • Initial: 50-minute session

    • Intensives: 90 minute, four hour, or customized week long sessions

    • While sessions are most powerful in person, sessions can be held virtually.

  • I utilize therapeutic approaches to help you clarify your authentic story, core values, and examine roadblocks preventing optimal growth.

  • Together, we will transform how you view your inner confidence, relationship with social media, travel goals, and vision for your life.

  • We’ll explore how to implement a daily routine and work strategy that aligns with your dream work-life balance.

  • From there, we’ll determine if you are looking for ongoing therapeutic support, travel planning guidance, or a combination of both.

Chapel Hill
Acorn Street in Beacon Hill

Acorn Street in Beacon Hill


Therapeutic Support

Let’s chat… several times a month.

  • Support can take place at my office in Beacon Hill and virtually via DoxyMe.

  • I use an integrative approach that combines Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Dialectical Behavior Therapy techniques to ensure that individuals have countless resources while exploring personal growth.

Travel Therapy Planning & Retreats

Ready to uplug while seeing the world?

Whether you want to go off the grid, celebrate a major life milestone, re-evaluate and realign with your life vision, or visit your biggest bucket list destination, I’m equipped to talk you through each step: planning, booking, growing, and enjoying!

Thanks to wealth of knowledge from years of travel, I offer transformational trip planning support and retreats that combine building confidence and self-discovery in the world's most remote and Instagram-worthy destinations.

Trip planning support and retreats start with an initial consultation and are available by request for individuals and small groups.

Lake Como and Varenna, Italy

Lake Como and Varenna, Italy


Speaking & Workshops

One of my favorite things: Starting the conversation.

Do you know individuals who could benefit from a motivational talk on how to thrive on and offline, live their truth, incorporate self-care, and gain confidence to travel the world? Fantastic!

I love collaborating with groups and curate topics for each audience.


Real Talk Travels - The Podcast

unfiltered chats that inspire

On Real Talk Travels, leading mental health and fellow travel enthusiasts take a behind the scenes look at online trends, breakdown misconceptions about mental health, and discuss the power of traveling for self-growth. Utilizing her extensive background, Brie cultivates unfiltered conversations, so you can unlock your inner confidence and thrive in the digital age.

Start listening today on all major podcast platforms!

Maui, Hawaii

Maui, Hawaii

Brand Partnerships

Where brand helps brand.

I collaborate with brands to provide education on how to promote positive body image and mental health content for their targeted audiences.

I am also available for collaborations on my social media accounts and for podcast sponsorships.


Brie helped me tap into and become the confident person I always dreamed of being.

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