Yuri Tomikawa on Creating Zencare and Empowering You to Find Providers

Episode 5 with Yuri Tomkawa on Creating Zencare and Empowering You to Find Providers

Yuri Tomikawa Podcast

Yuri Tomikawa is the Founder and CEO of Zencare.co (www.zencare.co), a website that connects professionals and students with outstanding therapists. Yuri started Zencare when she struggled to find a therapist herself and has helped thousands of individuals connect with quality mental health clinicians in New York City, Boston, and Rhode Island. Yuri is a graduate of Brown University and was previously a consultant at McKinsey & Company. Outside of work, she enjoys practicing yoga, exploring new coffee shops, and spending time with loved ones.

  • During today’s show, Yuri and I discuss:

    • The story behind why she created Zencare

    • How Zencare allows you to find providers that fit your needs

    • Why it’s important to feel empowered during the process of finding a provider

    • Breakdown stigmas around mental health and therapy

    • Clarify the differences between therapy vs coaching, self-pay vs insurance, in office vs virtual support, and more

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