Aly Raymer Discusses the Importance of Self-Care on Social Media

Real Talk Travels Episode 2


Aly Raymer is a California born, Boston made full time fitness professional and wellness entrepreneur. As the Director of Talent at B/SPOKE Studios, she has helped build and develop some of Boston's top fitness professionals and won multiple Boston's Best awards with her team. With over a decade's experience in the fitness industry, Aly has become a sought out inspirational leader from corporate speaking engagements to large scale yoga events across the city of Boston. She has amassed a strong following on her social media platforms where she shares daily inspiration, motivation and an inside perspective to life within the wellness industry. 

During the show, Aly and I discuss:

  • Her journey to becoming a fitness instructor and creating an online platform

  • The behind the scenes of creating and posting inspirational content, landing meaningful brand partnerships, how she protects herself given that she has to be online several times a day, and so much more.

We hope you love this conversation and pending when you’re listening, Aly and I would love for you to join us at an event that we’re co-hosting on Thursday, March 28th at the Revolution Hotel in Boston. Aly will be leading us through an opening yoga practice, and I will be leading a discussion on how social media is impacting our mental health. Together, we’ll share our experiences and provide tips on how to combat triggers that lead to low confidence and comparison traps. It’s going to be a powerful event, and you can find the link to buy tickets here. If you’re not able to make it to the event or listening after March 28th, find the handout about combating comparison that we’ll be sharing during the event here.

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