Carrie Kholi-Murchison on Self-Actualization, Diversity, & Influence on Social Media

Carrie Kholi

Episode 15

Dr. Carrie Kholi-Murchison is a critical thinker, entrepreneur, and growth strategist with 10+ years experience defining brands and gathering and growing communities. She believes that every human being has the right and responsibility to confidently and creatively contribute to an equitable future for all. As Executive Director of HOLI. BRANDS, she expedites these contributions by working to enhance the quality of life for historically marginalized communities. As a taurus obsessing over wellness and - not just chasing, but - catching up to our dreams, she helps people just like you manifest personal and professional shifts, create brave and welcoming space, and build for long-term sustenance.

  • During the show, Carrie and I discuss:

    • Carrie being an multi-passionate, serial entrepreneur

    • What self-actualization means and how to incorporate it into your life

    • Why insecurity and confidence are our “words”

    • Why it’s important to appreciate all chapters of our life

    • Carrie shares her perspective on diversity and privilege particularly on social media

    • Ways to have an influence in people’s lives offline

    • Carrie’s thoughts on where digital and social media marketing are headed

    • Behind the scenes look at how she runs her own social media platforms

    • Leaning into things that are terrifying

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