Cara Irwin on Home Decor, Health Stigmas, & "Highlight" Reels

Cara Irwin Podcast

Cara Irwin is a decor and DIY blogger and influencer. Her goal on @goldalamode social media accounts is to be authentic and allow people to be their true selves. She also highlights happy, healthy living by sharing her own journey with mental and physical health. 

  • During the show, we discuss:

    • Switching from design school to building an online platform

    • Designing a home on a budget

    • Breaking down stigmas associated to mental health and autoimmune disorders

    • Finding providers that make you feel comfortable and heard

    • Using “highlights” on Instagram to show REAL life highlights

    • Letting go of the pressure to perfect on social media

  • During the show, we also highlight the importance of seeking support, and Cara shares parts of her past that may be triggering. Please consider seeking support to discuss anything that comes for up for you via: 

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