Brenna O'Malley on Food Marketing & Branding 101 Plus The Wellful

Brenna O'Malley

Episode 12 with Brenna O’Malley

Brenna O'Malley is a Registered Dietitian and Creator of The Wellful, a mindful health platform that promotes a positive and realistic approach to health, wellness and nutrition through information you can digest. Brenna combines her experience in food marketing and brand strategy with her expertise in nutrition science and wellness trends to help food brands and clients navigate the food and health space. Brenna recently launched The Wellful's Women in Wellness podcast featuring exciting and inspiring conversations with the women behind the brands, movements and communities that are changing the food, health & wellness landscape. Brenna earned her degree in Nutrition & Dietetics from New York University and  completed her dietetic internship at Massachusetts General Hospital where she created and taught the hospital's first Intuitive Eating course. Her writing has been featured in publications like POPSUGAR, Spoon University and My Life OOO.

  • During the show, we discuss:

    • How Brenna became passionate about food messaging and the start of her career

    • The behind the scenes of food messaging

    • Brenna shares her nutrition philosophy

    • How dietitians are using social media to promote positive messaging

    • How to tease out expert advice on social media

    • How others being vulnerable on social media has enabled her to confidently share more

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