Ali Bonar on Being Real on AvoKween, as the Mother of Granola Butter, and with Recovery

Ali Bonar

Ali Bonar is a nutrition-fiend, recipe developer and above all: foodie. After struggling for over 10 years with restrictive and binge eating, Ali was inspired to start Kween Foods, a wellness company with the aim of empowering women to reimagine their relationship with food and ultimately, bring fun back into eating. She studied nutrition at UC Berkeley and in Brie’s opinion, the mother of granola butter.

  • During the show, Ali and I discuss:

    • Her journey to recovery from an eating disorder

    • Launching Kween, the most delicious granola butter spread

    • Staying REAL on both her personal and business social media accounts

    • Struggling with loneliness and finding time to have fun as an entrepreneur

    • The millions of perks having a dog!

    • How to create a positive Instagram feed

    • Experiencing vulnerability hangovers on social media

    • How seeking professional support changed Ali’s life for the better

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