Greg Ux on Making the BTS of Social Media Known, Authority, and "It Takes a Village"

Greg Ux

Greg is a Full Time instructor at Barry's Bootcamp in Boston, and Founder of It Takes A Village Foundation, which provides extremely low interest loans to communities of entrepreneurs where average income is less than $1 per day.

  • During today’s show, Greg and Brie discuss:

    • The beauty of taking pivots in life

    • Recognizing privilege and the life we’ve been born into

    • How Greg views social media, having authority, and stays true to his intentions on Instagram

    • The behind the scenes of the extreme measures taken to achieve the “perfect” photo (the one you’ll see in the promo for this show!!)

      • NOTE: This portion is at 14:30 and may be triggering for individuals actively battling eating disorders and body image concerns. I have left this in the show because I do believe it’s incredibly important for people to understand and expose the reality of many of the photos we see on social media and in magazines today.

    • Saying “NO!” to partnerships

    • Our thoughts on the future of social media and sharing REAL content

    • Greg’s favorite locations to travel to

    • Greg’s work and intentions with his foundation, “It Takes a Village”

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