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Episode 27: Serena Wolf on the Behind the Scenes of The Dude Diet & Domesticate Me

Serena Wolf

Serena Wolf is the Harvard-educated, Le Cordon Bleu-Paris trained chef behind the blog and The Dude Diet cookbooks. Her mission is to make creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle realistic, accessible, and most importantly, FUN. She lives in NYC with her dude.

During the show, we discuss:

  • How time in Paris changed Serena’s career and personal life (for the better!)

  • What it’s like going to cooking school at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris and being a private chef for top athletes

  • The evolution of Serena’s blog, Domesticate Me, and her behind the scenes efforts to be on TV, grow an audience, and land book deals

  • Owning your feelings in the moment, not glamorizing the hustle, and recognizing the value in doing the job you dislike while setting yourself up for the job you do like

  • How prioritizing and talking about her mental health enables Serena to stay aligned with her work and goals on and off social media


  • To celebrate Serena’s new cookbook, The Dude Diet Dinnertime, coming out on October 29th, we’ve teamed up to do a giveaway of said cookbook as a thank you for listening to us giggle.

  • To enter, make sure you’re following both of us on Instagram (@serenagwolf and @brieshelly) and leave a comment on why you loved this episode on the photo of Serena on my Instagram feed between now and Sunday, October 6th at midnight.

  • If you’re listening to this after Oct 6th, see below for info on where to buy both of Serena’s cookbooks.

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