When Travel Plans Go Wrong

When Travel Plans Go Wrong

Hello Everyone!

Even the most detail-oriented, thought out plans can go awry. From flight delays to unexpected weather patterns to strikes to hotels or flights being over booked – been there and experienced that!

For example, a recent “bummer” moment was when I broke my ankle slipping on rock salt one week away from heading to Breckenridge, Colorado to ski and six weeks out from another ski trip to Killington, Vermont.

So, how do you keep your cool while navigating how you’ll still get to and enjoy your destination?

Sit Down and Breathe

This might sound counterintuitive when you’re freaking out, and yet, a calmer version of yourself is going to be able to think more effectively about what to do next.

Make Friends, Not Foes with Staff

While it’s easy to blame the individual in front of you for the mishap that you are now dealing with, it’s highly unlikely that this individual is actually at fault. This is where the breathing comes in handy again because treating the person with the power to resolve the issue with respect just might save your trip!

Consider Trip Insurance

Freak accidents, weather, and other unexplainable events can happen. Pending the policy, trip insurance protects you from natural disasters to lost items and may be worth the investment depending on the value of your trip! Also, consider checking “yes” to your airlines’ flight protection!

Remember: It’s all a part of the journey!

While panicking at the ticket count before a recent trip, I tried to calmly remind myself of how grateful I am that I even have the opportunity to travel. New flight destinations were being thrown out, and even though it would mean my well-planned trip was no longer a thing, I started accepting that we were actually meant to head elsewhere! As life would have it, we did get to stick to our original itinerary, but you get the idea 🙂

Have you experienced travel plans that went awry? Share you story and tricks for how you got back to smooth sailing!

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Keep Adventuring 🙂