Wedding Season... When You're Single

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Wedding Season… When You’re Single.

Hi Everyone!

It’s that time of year – when everyone you know seems to be getting married or engaged. Even if you adore your friends and are genuinely happy for them, this can be a tough season to endure, especially when you’re single.

Here are my top tips for how to navigate “single feelings” with confidence:

1. Discover a New Activity

We’ve all heard of the advice to “join groups or take classes to meet someone”.

I am going to twist this advice and encourage you to utilize your single time for self-discovery and cultivating your passions.

Join a new hobby, attend a lecture, start a training, or attend a class because YOU want to learn and grow for yourself.

Best case scenario – you develop new, life-long hobbies. Worst case scenario – you learn that these are not your favorite types of hobbies!

2. Seek Support

While I recognize that as a therapist and coach that I’m probably a little biased, I really do believe (and plenty of research shows!) that seeking support outside of your family and friend group does wonders for navigating your single feelings.

Seeing a third-party allows you to speak freely as you process and explore your past, current, and future self.

I recommend identifying your core values, discovering ways to challenge your internal dialogue, processing past relationships, and uncovering barriers that may be preventing you from being your authentic self in your relationships today.

3. Appreciate YOU Time

Feeling alone is either frightening or enjoyable.

Being secure in your skin requires patience, and I encourage all of my clients to prioritize and practice being comfortable alone.

Try staying in alone on a Friday night, taking yourself on a movie or dinner date, or taking a solo trip.

While this may sound horrible, I promise your future self will thank you!

4. Dating – Try or Don’t Try

For some, the single feeling motivates them to jump back into the dating scene or remember their passwords to dating apps.

For others, the single feeling adds unnecessary pressure and makes the “dating game” intolerable.

Have patience with your feelings as you uncover which path is right for you.

Remember that you have the ability and power to switch the dating game on and off as often as you wish.

 As always, feel free to reach out with any questions and click HERE to learn how I can support you throughout any and all of your relationship adventures!

Keep Adventuring 🙂