Rebelling Against Wedding Rules

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Rebelling Against Wedding “Rules”

Hello Everyone!!

I am so excited to finally share that I’m launching a new series of relationship and wedding related posts on on the blog.

As a therapist, I’ve supported countless women navigating the highs and lows of wedding planning, eating and body image concerns that arise, and confidently being the “single lady”.

As a current bride-to-be, I 100% get that it’s an exciting yet stressful time that can really impact our self-love and mental health. I’ve also been through the woes of dating, and it can be

First up on the blog?

Naming my least favorite wedding “rules” that I dare you to join me in rebelling against!

1. Wedding Diet Culture

Pardon my language, but this s**t makes me mad!!

As a result of wedding diets, I have worked with clients who – developed severe eating and body image disorders as a result of their “wedding diet”, passed out AT their wedding, and didn’t eat on their wedding day because “I felt pressured to live up to the stereotype”.

I’m all for feeling confident on your wedding day; yet, I really, really don’t believe that you should endure any of the above.

2. That It’s “All About the Bride” or the Guests

While looking at rings and venues, I’ve been seriously irked by how many people only ask for my opinion.

I’m also irked by how many stories we hear about couples “doing ___ at their wedding for ___”.

Even though I have LOTS of opinions, a wedding is day about the joining of TWO people.

Let’s keep that in mind 😉

3. The Volume of Stress

Pop Quiz.

Which came first: the stress or the “bridezilla” stereotype?

Now, raise your hand if you’ve been or know a couple who is so done with the stress that they can’t/couldn’t wait for the day to be over.

Why do we put so much pressure on couple’s to make one day soooo perfect if we’re actually wishing them a lifetime of happiness?

Don’t forget that it’s all about the vows!!

4. Traditions, Traditions

Mention the word ettiequte and my heart spams.

Tell me I have to do something because “you’re just supposed to” and my heart stops.

Fortunately, there are countless traditions to choose from and a growing appreciation for those who break them.

I vote that you and your partner do and twist the traditions that work for you because YOU want to.

OK. Who’s ready to rebel and be their true self on their wedding day?!

Have a relationship or wedding topic that’s impacting your self-love and mental health? Interested in working together? Learn more about the types of support I offer here.

Keep Adventuring 🙂