The Life Status Question

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Hello Everyone,


Seeing your family and friends during long holiday weekends typically means sharing different parts of your life that, depending on your circumstances, might be more sensitive.


We all have a story of how fill in the blank person loveeeees to remind you of how single, not engaged, not pregnant, or not whatever it is this year that you are.


Ever felt embarrassed, ashamed, or pressured to change your status ASAP?


Well, not anymore!


Here are my top tips for shrugging off life status questions:


Shine the spotlight back at ’em.

Chances are, the person directing this question likes to talk.

A lot.

And probably about themselves.

Direct the attention back at said person by asking him or her questions until you can sneak away. If you know ahead of time who this person is, come prepared with questions or ask them to retell the story you heard them sharing with another person.


Don’t feel obligated to explain yourself.

When tough questions are directed at us, we often switch into defense mode to defend ourselves and beliefs. Don’t feel pressured to answer each question and, instead, politely end the conversation or change the topic.

“Why hasn’t he proposed yet?”

“I appreciate you thinking about our future, Aunt Marsh.”

“I told you not to move in before he proposed. This is what always happens.”

“I’ll keep your advice in mind. Now, tell me all about your trip to Belize.”

“Oh Belize!! It was wonderful…”


Prepare your own unique status update.

Again, the pressure to share amazing life updates during is REAL!

Beat others to the interrogating game by creating your own, clever status updates.

Start with how you are spending your time, books you’re reading, next year’s goals, or reflecting on a new experience that you tried recently.


Take time to breathe.

Answering tough questions and sharing with people who you may or may not be particularly close with can be draining. Don’t be afraid to take a break by grounding in.

Try grounding techniques like:

Breathing in the cold air outside or splashing cold water on your face to bring down your anxiety levels.

Bringing your headphones and listening to a two minute meditation or dancing to your favorite song in the bathroom. (Cue “Shake it off” by T. Swift!).

Reading a list of things, people, and experiences that you are grateful for this past year.

Having a glass of water instead of a new drink each time you’re faced with a tough question.

Setting boundaries by saying when you need to leave before you arrive or booking an itinerary that feels manageable.

 As always, feel free to reach out with any questions and click HERE to learn how I can support you throughout any and all of your life adventures!

Keep Adventuring 🙂