The Truth About Common Therapy Misconceptions

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The Truth About Common Therapy Misconceptions

Hi Everyone,

Have you had a question or fear about therapy and been unsure who to ask?! Well, I hope this post squashes your biggest concerns and brings clarity that enables you to seek the support you deserve.

When speaking with clients and friends, I regularly receive various forms of the following questions. Inspired by contribution to BeWell’s article, I’ve expanded upon my thoughts here.

#1: You Don’t Deserve Therapy

False, False, and false! Everyone, regardless of their background, socioeconomic class, race, struggles, and concerns deserves the gift of support. Do NOT tell yourself that you are not worthy because you are!

#2: Your Provider is Judging You

False again! Not only have providers heard it all, most of us have gone into this field to HELP you and intend to support you, not judge you. At the same time, providers are trained to give guidance and will set boundaries that will not reveal their entire opinion. Do not worry, providers are doing their job in these moments and aren’t supposed to be like friends or family who will typically reveal their thoughts.

#3: Your Provider will “Provide” You with all of the Answers

Similar to point #3, a lot of clients expect that providers will tell them exactly what to do or have a box of secrets that enable them to succeed at life. The truth is, we are thrilled to support you as you process and discover these answers for yourself. We are equipped with countless tools and strategies to do so, yet we would not be honest if we did not share therapy will require a significant amount of work. Exploring your past, present, and future experiences and mental health symptoms is challenging work and requires a huge dose of internal motivation, dedication, and courage. Come ready for the challenge, and we will gladly join you in the process!

#4: Therapist vs. Psychiatrist vs. Coach??

This question is one of the biggest I receive, so here’s a quick summary:

Bucket #1: Therapists, counselors, and social workers have all undergone specific undergraduate and graduate coursework in psychology, therapeutic skills, diagnostic tools, and more. Pending the state, each type of provider has the ability to take board exams and become licensed.

Bucket #2: Psychiatrists have been to medical school, completed a residency, and specialized in psychiatry. This means psychiatrists can prescribe medication; for example, for depression, anxiety, and more. Even though some psychiatrists will provide therapy, most only provide medication management and tend to charge the highest fees in the industry. Nurse practitioners can also specialize in psychiatry and provide medication management.

Bucket #3: Coaches are part of a newer category which is spreading throughout the health and wellness industry. While many coaches are becoming certified by various organizations, most coaches do not receive the same level of formal training or education that therapists and psychiatrists go through. This means, coaches are not meant to diagnose or assist you in processing your past or current mental health symptoms. Instead, coaches are meant to guide you in examining your current and future life goals.

#5: Fit Matters

The number of times that I hear people tell me they worked with a provider who A) Did not make them feel comfortable or heard or B) Did not have experience or expertise in the areas they sought support for makes me sooooo sad! When looking for a provider, please, please, PLEASE! ensure the provider is experienced in the areas you plan to discuss. After two to three sessions, if you do not feel comfortable with the provider, feel free to bring this up. The goal is that you are both a match for each other, and I always encourage people to “shop around” to find the best fit!

Have more questions? Please feel free to reach out! Not only am I on a mission to provide the best support to my clients, I am also on a mission to challenge common mental health stigmas!

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Keep Adventuring :)