Giving Compliments That Aren't Appearance Driven

Sankaty Lighthouse

Giving Compliments… That Aren’t Appearance Driven.

Hello Everyone!

Have you ever noticed that compliments tend to be focused around looks, weight, etc.? 

“You look so tiny!”, “Have you lost weight?”, “I wish I had your youthful skin”, or *gasp* the day you get no weight-related comments at all.

These comments set us up for questionable feelings about our bodies and leave our self-worth thoughts spinning!!

Are you heading to a wedding, party, family event, or catching up with a friend soon?

About to type a comment on someone’s post?

Try giving one of these compliments instead of giving one that’s focused around someone’s appearance: 

Your work ethic inspires me

Hearing your laugh makes me so happy

Your passion makes me want to recommit to my passions

Your earrings (or another fashion item) are stunning

I love how encouraging you are

You presence is so comforting

You’re an incredible friend

I really like your refreshing perspective

Your ability to brighten a room is amazing

Your loyalty to ___ is inspiring

Your smile is lighting up the room

Your work here is making a difference

I love how you’re able to share your opinions

You’re an incredible storyteller

I appreciate your ability to think about the details

 As always, feel free to reach out with any questions and click HERE to learn how I can support you build confidence today!

Keep Adventuring 🙂