Reasons to “Eat the Food” on Vacation

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Reasons to “Eat the Food” on Vacation

Hello Everyone!

Have you ever read an article about:

“How to not gain weight on vacation?”

“How to stay active on vacation…”

“How to not sabotage your diet on vacation…”

Well, I’m here to say: EAT THE FOOD WHILE ON VACATION!

Here are my top ways to make sure you embrace the food culture while traveling:

#1: Embrace the Foods that You Don’t Usually Have Access To

Instead of fearing them, try them! Now is the time to discover new likes and dislikes, how to pull together different combinations of flavors and foods, and so much more. I’ve always left a trip inspired with recipes to bring home!

#2: Have New Experiences with Foods from Home

I’ll never forget making an egg and cheese omelette for the first time while studying abroad. The eggs and cheese were incredibly fresh and like nothing I’d every tasted (in a good way!). I now try eggs in every country I visit to see how they compare!

Have fun checking out foods that are part of you daily life too and see how they might taste or be prepared differently!

#3: Allow for Entertainment

While eating in different cultures, there are bound to be laughable moments. Reading menus in different languages, communicating with waiters, and discovering that your friend recommended the Colombian version of a Chucke-E-Cheese moments are all part of the fun.

Don’t take your experiences too seriously and embrace how other cultures make meals a celebration, describe food while eating, and take longer meal times.

#4: Pack Snacks for Emergencies, Not to Stay on Track

I once looked up places to stop to eat in Lake Como on my way to my hotel, and it turned out Google Maps had the hours wrong so the places were closed… I’ve also thought I was boarding an overnight train with a dining cart that served dinner and discovered the only food was candy bars.

Diet culture tells us to pack food from home to help you stick to your eating plan. Instead, pack snacks because there are bound to be moments when travel plans go awry and cause you to not have easy access to food.

Whether you’re home or away on vacation, remember that regularly nourishing your body with fuel is key!

How do you make sure you enjoy and discover new, satisfying foods while traveling? Share your experiences below!

 As always, feel free to reach out with any questions and click HERE to learn how I can support you throughout any and all of your body image and food adventures!

Keep Adventuring 🙂


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