Navigating Seasonal Changes

Fall Pumpkins

Hi Everyone! 

As the seasons change, do you notice any changes in your mental health?

It’s normal and expected to see changes, such as:

Difficulty waking up as the morning and evening light changes shake up both our biological and digital clocks

Reminiscing about past highs and lows that happened during previous season changes

Motivation fluctuations or lack of interest in your hobbies or daily activities

Increased social isolation as we feel less inclined to venture out in cooler weather

Increased stress and exhaustion as schedules tend to get busier 

Increased worry over food and body image concerns as jeans and tighter fitting clothes come out of the back of the closet

Finally, summer flings end or become official and fall weddings and engagement season is in full swing. Aka key relationships topics are peaking just like the color of the leaves

Do any of these topics resonate with you? What else do you notice as the seasons change?

How do you traditionally navigated these changes? 

In addition to starting to plan your Fall and Winter travel therapy getaways, consider getting ahead of the symptoms by seeking support now. A lot of times, clients will come in mid-winter when these concerns are impairing their day to day lives. Trust me when I say that processing these concerns now and learning tools to keep them from exasperating will enable you to be more present this Fall and Winter. Plus, you really, really don't deserve to struggle so why make yourself!

In addition to seeking professional support, here are my favorite ways to combat seasonal changes with confidence:

1. Make it a Priority to Disconnect and Engage in Self-Care.

When we're busy, we tend to let our own well-being and self-care drop to be bottom of the totem poll. Block out 15-30 minutes in your calendar each day for me time. Turn off your phone or email, seek privacy from loved ones, and do what you need in that moment to decompress. Meditate, read, rest your eyes, listen to podcasts, stretch. Don't judge what your body and mind are telling you they need and instead embrace it.

2. Pursue a New Passion, Interest, or Hobby

With each new season comes a new wave of calendar invites, events, academic courses, and other opportunities that operate on a seasonal basis. Consider signing up for that kickball league, committing to a lecture series, or taking advantage of seasonal packages at your favorite gym.

3. Try to Keep a Regular Daily Schedule, Even on the Weekends

We all know sleep is vital to both our mental and physical health. Sticking to a consistent sleep schedule and daily routine throughout the week enables your body to stay regulated. Make a commitment to re-evaluate your daily routine and consider ways to tweak it so that sleep, meals, relationships, and mindful movement are all top priorities.

4. Plan Micro-Adventures for Yourself During the Week

Whether it's stopping at your favorite lunch spot, an unplanned coffee date with a friend, or leaving work early to enjoy the weather before the sun sets, blocking out time for even the shortest spurts of excitement can boost your mood. Weekend plans are proven to help people get through the week, so why not utilize this philosophy every day of the week?

5. Honor the Past and Embrace the New

When you think about it, Fall is all about trees shedding their summer leaves and Mother Nature preparing for colder months before she blooms all over again. Instead of ruminating on the past, honor your previous experiences by recognizing how you've grown from one season or year to the next. Consider the lessons you've learned and how you can continue to grow from here. If last year's jeans are uncomfortable, buy new ones. If you need to end a relationship or want to tell someone how much you care, do it! No matter what you’re currently facing or endure during this new season, I can promise you this: history has proven that no season is for forever, so stay positive and savor the now.

Want to learn more ways to navigate seasonal changes with confidence? Discover how we can Work Together!

Keep Adventuring :)