Key Life Topics to Discuss with Your Partner

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Key Life Topics to Discuss with Your Partner

Hello Everyone!

Effective communication is vital to a strong relationship. Feeling nervous or unsure of what is important to discuss though?

Whether you’re considering the next stage of your relationship, engaged, or already married, here are the four topics that I encourage all of my clients to be discussing with their partner.

#1: Future Generations

Are kids (or pets!) in the future? If so, how many? When? What are the key morals or values you plan to instill as you raise your children? How do you plan to manage the stress of raising children on your relationship?

Children and pets can alter the dynamic, and it’s soooo important to have a mutual understanding of how you hope to navigate these additions.

#2: Finances

Joint accounts? Separate accounts? Investments? Retirement? House goals? Splitting or monitoring of daily expenses? Pre-nups?

Financial stressors are continuously part of the top reasons couples report strain. Make sure you are entering the next phase on the same page and continue to check in (at least) monthly to ensure that you remain upfront with each other about finances

#3: Life’s Uncertainties

Health scares. Car accidents. Family tragedies. Unexpected job loss.

Life throws us curve balls that are not always ideal or something that you can prepare for. Discuss how you foresee yourself handling the previously mentioned topics (and more) individually and as a team. Consider making a pact on how you want to attack these curve balls with confidence. Hint, Hint: Couples therapy :)

#4: Bucket-List Goals

Wrapping up the list with my favorite topic to discuss with clients:

What are your dreams individually and as a couple? Are there places you want to travel to?

Experiences you want to have? Skills you want to learn? Places you want to move to?

Do you have career dreams or retirement goals?

Make lists for both yourselves and as a couple and discuss timelines that will encourage you to achieve them together!

Feeling queasy about bringing up one of these topics with your partner?  No worries!

Consider couples therapy, which allows you to breakdown and process your conversations with the help of a non-biased support.

As always, feel free to reach out with any questions, stories, and click HERE to learn how I can support you throughout any and all of your relationship adventures!

Keep Adventuring 🙂