How to Boost Your Body Confidence While Wedding Dress Shopping

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How to Boost Your Confidence While Wedding Dress Shopping

Hi Everyone,

Wedding dress shopping can feel like a very, very daunting process.

Some of my clients say they know exactly what they hope to wear, while others have no clue.

One major fear amongst both sets of women?

Feeling body confident in the dress!

As a provider who specializes in body image and encourages my clients to embody confidence both mentally and physically, I strongly believe that your wedding day is the epitome of days to feel confident.

While I have endless ways and activities to help you boost your body confidence, below are my top tips for how to stay confident while shopping for your big day!

Consider Going Solo

Because there are TV shows and a culture around bringing lots of people to dress fittings, I know this might seem sad!

However, clients report having positive experiences, feeling stronger in their opinions, and really appreciate having space and independence around this big decision.

Remember, there is no limit to dress shopping visits, so you can always take people with you another time to narrow down your choices!

Stick With What Makes YOU RADIATE!

DO NOT, and I mean DO NOT, get a dress that doesn’t make you radiate inside and out.

This means no “It could work with some alterations” or “When I’m X size” or “This dress is so (insert celebrity name)”.

If you’ve always loved rocking V-necks, flowy dresses, or bodycons, do it! If you know you don’t love wearing silky fabrics or that tulle makes you breakout in a rash, don’t do it!

The number one way to feel confident in your dress is to have faith in your opinions and whatever dress makes you want to say “Yes” to your partner ASAP!

Shop Online

Now, this one might sound wild, BUT I have multiple reasons for this.

First off, let’s be honest. We all shop online these days. Why should your wedding dress be any different?! There are tons of options online these days and come at every price point.

Second, trying on dresses at home allows for the opportunity and privacy that a lot of my clients who are uncertain or feel overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of a store environment deserve. Wedding planning is stressful enough as is so why add any more to it?

Finally, who doesn’t love a grace period when making a decision? Many wedding dress stores will find ways to pressure you into buying a dress that day with special deals or by saying it could go out of stock. Being in your home with no one watching allows you to take whatever the return policy timeline is to make your decision in peace.

Practice Self-Care Before and After

There’s nothing like trying on dresses, standing in front of mirrors, and being measured to send off the self-critique alarms.

Before you start trying on dresses, practice self-care and have a plan for after too.

Read, fuel your body, rest or workout, mediate, dance to your favorite music.

Do whatever puts you at ease and can help send you in and out of this process in a positive mindset.

Appreciate Your Body

Finally, before you start the wedding dress shopping process, create a gratitude list towards your body.

“I’m grateful that my hands allow me to hold hands with my partner”

“I’m grateful that my legs allow me to hike with my partner and our dog”

“I’m grateful that my arms will allow me to move boxes into our first home”

After you create your gratitude list, write out several body positive mantras that you can say to yourself any time the diet industry, negative influences, or your inner critic come out.

The diet industry loves to take advantage of vulnerable, stressed out brides and tell you that you MUST change their bodies to be beautiful.

Reality is, you were beautiful the day you met your partner and became engaged. I know that you’ll be beautiful at your wedding and all the days after too!

If you are interested in learning more about how to fuel your mind, body, and movement during the wedding season, let me know and I can help you navigate positive resources to do just that!

As always, feel free to reach out with any questions and click HERE to learn how I can support you throughout any and all of your body image or wedding adventures!

Keep Adventuring :)