Enjoying Summer and Holiday Meals

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Enjoying Summer & Holiday Meals

Hello Everyone,

 Summer and holidays mean lots of parties, cookouts, and a lot of potential for negative body image and food-related talk. Fortunately, with proper preparation, I believe you can be on your way to an enjoying this season full of body and self-love, even during meals!


Here are my top tips:


Identify Your Mantras

 Think positively!

Fill up a journal with your favorite self-love and body positive quotes to read throughout the day when someone makes a triggering comment, you’re struggling with feeling full or meal anxiety, or overall stressed by the atmosphere.

While we might not be able to change what others say, we can change how we internalize others’ comments.

I encourage my clients to put their mantras in their calendar at random times throughout the day. This way you can receive positive reminders throughout the day!

My favorite mantras: 

Don’t compare yourself to someone else’s highlight reel.

Don’t let your mind bully your body.

Just because you think it, it doesn’t make it true.


Treat the Day like a Normal Day

While I don’t want to discredit anyone’s efforts with summer parties or holiday meal prep, I do want to encourage eating normal meals throughout the day. Showing up to a party or meal starving doesn’t allow you to savor your meal OR, most importantly, be present with your loved ones.

Don’t let diet culture disrupt your food choices and instead try what looks and tastes yummy. Consider asking for the recipes of the foods that you like so you can enjoy it again soon and challenge the idea that you can never have X food again!

Most importantly, remember that feeling more full one day will NOT change the course of your body or life.


Plan Ahead for Meal Conversations

What are the topics of conversation that trigger negative feelings or thoughts during meals? Is there a particular person or environment that sets you off?

Plan ahead for these tough moments by:

Thinking of three ways to redirect conversations if you hear negative food or body talk.

Thinking of three questions to ask each person you know you’ll see. Often times, people love talking about their lives, so let them!

Being prepared to discuss five topics you feel comfortable sharing.

Bringing along fun facts by reading the news, watching a documentary, or listening to a new podcast before the party. Redirect the conversation by sharing what you’ve learned.


Make Gratitude Your Attitude

 Reflecting on the joys and reasons you gather with your friends and family can remind you why you’re going in the first place.

Create your own gratitude list by asking yourself these questions :

What are you grateful for?

What do you appreciate that your body does for you?

Who are you most excited to spend your holiday with?

What is your favorite holiday tradition?

What have you accomplished since last year that you are proud of?

Pro tip: Also put these in your calendar to go off as friendly reminders!



Wishing everyone a happy summer and Fourth of July!


 As always, feel free to reach out with any questions and click HERE to learn how I can support you throughout any and all of your body image and eating adventures!


Keep Adventuring 🙂